Greeted by the beating of drums and hearts. The same blood pumps through our veins invigorating our humanity. I squint against the sun looking out over the spirit of Kliptown, blinded by the white light reflecting off the aluminum roofs of the shanty houses.   I turn the corner into KYP: the energy hits, […]


Do you ever look back at the last month of your life and wonder what just happened?? Well I do a lot. Time is moving so quickly. They say time flys when your having fun which is true but gas pedal. Let’s rewind.  Noni came to Australia. Yes let me repeat Noni came to Australia […]

Byron Bay

It has been almost a full month since I landed in Sydney Australia. Exploring the city and its beautiful suburbs (Surry Hills, Paddington, Bondi, Newtown, and Coogee) between classes and on the weekends has opened my eyes to the true magic of Sydney. Since arriving in Sydney, myself along with new friends have traveled to […]

Paradise Cove

Greetings from Marina Del Rey! The warm sunrise peeped through the window making the morning wake up a pleasant one. Outside was mostly quiet except for a few barking dogs and the hum of early morning commutes. Next move, find the best nearby smoothie shop. Luckily this was not difficult because Juice Crafters is seconds from the apartment. […]